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Make a Cadenza teak living set furniture with a classic design Budget needs are quite expensive. But not to worry, there are many ways to create a classic design of a luxurious without the expensive cost. The classic living room design can also be applied to a minimalist room. The furniture that is often used in the classical Cadenza living set furniture design is a set of luxurious tables and chairs made of wood made of foam and wrapped in leather. In fact, it is also usually stored in a luxury cupboard to store books or accessories and decorations

Color selection is also very decisive in the design of this classic living room. A distinctive and firm brown nuance will make your very exclusive and elegant. While the selection of nuances will make the atmosphere of your look clean, neat, and luxurious.To beautify in general, use a carpet with a variety of interesting motifs and patterns in a classic style. Besides you can also choose a carpet that uses beads to make it look more luxurious and glamorous teak living set.